“Robyn Passante is a gifted writer with compassion for helping anyone in need. Her ability to reach children with autism through social stories has changed the lives of these children forever.  It is quite challenging to present complex social relationships and activities to children with social and communication deficits.  Robyn’s stories cross perceived boundaries and limitations to provide positive therapeutic results and emotional comfort to children thought to be incapable of understanding.  Robyn is simply wonderful.  We hope to have her write all of the therapeutic social stories for the Lowcountry Autism Foundation.” ~ Tripp Ritchie, Executive Director of the Lowcountry Autism Foundation, Medical University of South Carolina Children’s Hospital, Charleston, SC

“I was referred to Robyn by a highly respected consultant friend of mine. From my first encounter with Robyn’s work, I was hooked. We initially started our work together on personal copy editing projects for school. Her results were amazing … it was what I was trying to say but so well put. I then extended our engagement to my professional life, and she made my professional bio come to life. She is a quick learner and will help you say what you want to say with impact.” ~ Jaclyn Bradley Reardon, Regional Teaming Director, Metlife

“It amazed us how perfectly she was able to convey our thoughts and feelings into such a meaningful passage for our wedding ceremony. In just a couple of interviews she was able to fully comprehend our love for nature, our love for family and our love for each other to write a simply beautiful passage. Many of our guests said afterward that ours was the most meaningful ceremony they had ever attended. Thank you, Robyn!” ~ Sheila and T.J. Greco

“I was impressed by Robyn’s ability to capture all of the details of our story, and how she presented it in a way that made the reader join the journey and become enormously connected to the content, and to our cause. It was very impactful on many levels.” ~ Louis Castriota, Jr., founder of Leg Up Farm

“The context you used was just so awesome; you broke it down and wrote the story to his level, so that my son could really understand his father’s murder and where he went after he died. Out of everything I’ve gotten and what God gave me to help us cope with this loss, your social story helped the most.” ~ Rachel Johnson

Robyn is able to grab your life experiences and the words you want to say and make them come to life and touch your soul. For my 40th birthday, she helped my wife put together a birthday book for me, and the research put into that was amazing, with photos, comments from family and friends, and the most perfect words. She is truly gifted by God in what she does.” ~ Kenneth Brown