Memoirs and Personal Stories

Each of our lives is a story, and our own plot lines are rich with emotion, adventure and life lessons worth passing on. If you want your story told, either to document a small but significant time in your life or to get as much detail about your personal history on paper to share with others, I can help. (Please note that my services are for writing your story, not publishing it. For an additional fee, however, I can help write a query letter for you to send to prospective agents/publishers, and offer tips for self-publishing if you decide to go that route.)

Wedding Readings and Poetry

If you’re looking for something a bit different than “Love is patient; love is kind…” let me help. Using your thoughts and emotions, your history as a couple and your dreams as a family, I’ll create the perfect poem or reading that will elevate your wedding ceremony from “memorable” to “unforgettable.”

Wedding vows

Whether you want to alter traditional wedding vows or craft something completely your own, I am an expert on how to write perfect wedding vows. In fact, I’m the author of The Pocket Idiot’s Guide to Wedding Vows, published in 2005.  I can help you and your partner say “I do” in a way that allows you to express your love, incorporate your personalities and honor your one-of-a-kind relationship.

Letters and Gifts

Do you have something to say to a loved one but don’t know how to start? Perhaps you’ve started an important letter many times but can’t find the right words to finish it. I can write the letter or tribute for your loved one. Whether it’s for a birthday, anniversary, retirement or “just because,” I can find a way to perfectly express how you feel.

Therapeutic/Social Stories

The written word has the power to explain difficult things in gentle ways. If your child is facing a challenging situation (illness or death in the family, a big move, divorce, bullying, or anything else that has caused stress), I can write a personal story, using your child as the main character, to help explain what is happening and ease your child’s worries and fears.  I’ve written Social Stories for children on the autism spectrum, but any child can be helped by a therapeutic story written just for them.


Losing a loved one is difficult under any circumstances; trying to write something coherent about that person while grieving is nearly impossible. I will take your thoughts and emotions, however scattered you think they are, and help you prepare a moving tribute that will capture the essence of your loved one in a way that produces more smiles than tears.

Toasts and Speeches

Public speaking is a fear for many people, but that fear is neutralized when you have a prepared speech or toast that will thrill your audience with just the right blend of humor, insight and emotion. Best man or maid of honor toasts, retirement speeches, keynote addresses … I can help you craft an unforgettable way to move the crowd to tears, laughter and appreciative applause.