Sample – Wedding Vows

I've written many wedding vows, several of which are found in my book, The Pocket Idiot's Guide to Wedding Vows (published 2005, Penguin Group).  Here is a sampling: An unconventional, simple wedding vow to express one's promise to another: I vow to be the rock upon which you stand, so you can be sure nothing … Continue reading Sample – Wedding Vows

Excerpt – Business Book

The following is an excerpt from "Stair Lifts: Move Up, Not Out" (published in 2014), a book I wrote about the benefits of stair lifts, as well as the various models, features and specifications of those mobility aids. The book was the vision of Andy Darnley, owner of Nationwide Lifts; he wanted an impartial, informative piece … Continue reading Excerpt – Business Book

Sample – Eulogy

A eulogy doesn't have to be long and detailed to be intimate and telling.  Often a few simple anecdotes or vividly described images can adequately illustrate the love you have for someone you've lost, and serve to comfort those in attendance who share similar memories of and a fondness for your loved one.  Grandma DeHay … Continue reading Sample – Eulogy