Sample – Wedding Vows

I’ve written many wedding vows, several of which are found in my book, The Pocket Idiot’s Guide to Wedding Vows (published 2005, Penguin Group).  Here is a sampling:

An unconventional, simple wedding vow to express one’s promise to another:

I vow to be the rock upon which you stand, so you can be sure nothing will harm you or sidetrack you from your dreams. I vow to catch you when you fall, and to lift you when you can’t quite reach. I will be the smile you seek after a hard day, the comforting shoulder you need in a time of sorrow, and the dream that helps you sleep peacefully each night. 


A vow that expresses one’s appreciation for the other:

I, Daniel, promise to love you, Maria, with all that I am and all that I have. My every possession and my every dream are yours to share. Today I am a far better person than when I met you, for you have given me the courage to be the kind of person who makes you proud. All that I am is a product of your love and my hope for our tomorrows. Come what may, I humbly give it all to you. 


Dual vows written with a common theme:

Ana, when I look at you I am reminded of the day we met. Until that moment, I thought the mountain we were standing on was the most breathtaking sight in the world. Now I see that mountain in my dreams, for it is where my life changed in the first flash of your smile. I will live each day to see that smile, will work to make you happy, safe, honored and loved all the days of my life.

Javier, we met on a beautiful snow-capped mountain — your charm captured me, even through that thick jacket and sunglasses — and three years later you have, in many ways, become my mountain. Through you I see the beauty of life, with you I am given greater perspective, a sense of place in this world, and true inner peace. The peaks and valleys of life await us, and I face it all not with trepidation but with joy and thankfulness. I will honor, love, cherish and laugh with you all the days of my life. 


A blended family vow for stepchildren:

Lily and Tommy, we promise to be faithful to your needs, to support and care for you in good times and in bad, in sickness and in health. We will love you and laugh with you, play with you and pray for you. We know that a happy family is one that knows how to compromise, and we will do that. But we will never compromise our love for you.