Sample – Wedding Poem

The marriage of Kielynn-Marie and Luis was the second for both. They wanted something personal to be read at their nuptials, which were held on the veranda of a beach house overlooking the Pacific Ocean in Southern California. I interviewed them separately about each other, then incorporated both of their emotions and memories about the other into a unique wedding poem with imagery that every wedding guest could see right there on the coast.


Drawn in,
like the pull of the moon
sends waves stretching
to drench the sand they crave.
“I was captured,”
he says of her,
unaware that she too
had prayed for such passion,
an equal force
to pull her down
and stand beside her
and lift her to higher ground.
She calls him chivalrous and optimistic,
attentive and honorable.
And in her eyes he sees tenderness
and conviction
and support.

How soft yet barren
the sand without the waves.
How strong yet silent
the waves without the sand.
Together, they are magic,
meant to be.
They did not know
how strong they were
until they were mirrored
in each other’s soul.
And in that moment
of clarity and beauty and power
they are undeniable —
soft and strong,
and free.
And home.

© Robyn Passante, 2004